Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's all about the bike

I consider myself to be a picture blogger most of the time. I'm not a big reader so I figured that I would cater to those like myself. I get a magazine and look at pictures mostly. I'm very visual. My friend, Jamie, now tabs pages in the books noting the key sections for me instead of encouraging me to read the whole thing. That's what makes us all different I guess.

Well, today i figured I'd write a little. Guess what it's about? That's biking! This month marks my one year of becoming officially addicted to the sport of mountain biking. The way we know this is that our park pass has to be renewed. (official, I know). I can't believe it's been a year already!

Over the years I've tried lots of different types of exercising. I kept going back to running because it seemed to get me the most bang for the buck. If I ran my legs got leaner as did the rest of me. Note: I've never been thin...always "built like a brick s*** house" according to my dad. So, needlesstosay, I don't look like a runner. I'm knees always's hard to breathe...etc....But, I was out there. Face bright red! But, I was out there. My theory was that at least I'm out here working hard and not sitting on the sofa eating bon-bons (who really eats those things?). I hated running. When Dynamo and I started dating all those years ago I ran because he ran. I guess I wanted to impress him. I ran a 5K. I trained and did an 8K. I've even thought about doing a 1/2 marathon...maybe some other year!

So, I ran on and off for all these years until last year when I decided to try mountain biking. It looked like fun. Dynamo loved it! I went with him and was his pit crew while he and his friend did the Stoopid 50 last year. I thought they were crazy to try to ride 50 miles in the wilderness of Pennsylvania. There are rattlesnakes out there!!!!! You all know how I feel about snakes! After I saw all these chicks and dudes riding...all shapes and sizes I thought that I could do this! It was history after that!

We came home and Dynamo set me up on his bike and he started building up another one for himself. We didn't know if I'd really stick to it, so we made do with what we had. The first ride out at Pocahontas Park was We did the green trail (note: green means easy)! Yeah...easy my b***! I thought I was going to die. It was barely 3 miles and I was hanging over the handlebars crying. I thought I was going to quit. Even the snakes were laughing! After much drama (you all can't imagine me with drama can you?) I finished...panting...dying...

But, I made it! And, I went back out again and again and again. It did get easier. It did become fun. And, now I've graduated to the "big" trails at Pocohontas. I went from barely doing 3 miles on the easy trail to doing 13.5 miles on my single speed on the Lakeview trails in under 2 hours ride time. I'm darn proud of myself. I'm proud of myself because I stuck with it. There have been many days when I wanted to quit because it was hard. But, life is hard. Nothing is easy. I've thought I was going to lose my lunch a few times during the past couple of rides, but you know what? I made it. I survived. You truly can go farther than you think you can go and do more than you think you can do. I've mentioned before that you have to push yourself to get better. I'm doing this for me. I'm doing this for my health. I'm doing this because I have more time with my Dynamo.

Speaking of my Dynamo...He has been so patient with me. He has been such a great trainer. He has put up with my crying, whining, complaining, falling, etc. He's a great man! He taught me everything I know! He deserves a gold medal for all he has had to put up with over this past year. Thank you, hun! You are the most awesomest husband ever! I'm grateful for all the time we have together, on and off the trail.

I'm so blessed to be healthy enough to enjoy nature (the good and the bad)! I'm grateful for each day! I'm grateful for the chance to get some fresh air see all that God has created. It's amazing to be out on the trail and see the sun shining through the trees first thing in the morning. I'm even grateful for the cobwebs that I'm covered in by the end of a morning ride. So many people don't have the chance to experience even a 1/4 of what we have experienced. For that...I am grateful.

So, cheers to one year of biking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get out and ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jim Rosen said...

Mountain biking IS the bomb. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. Are you ready for Forest Hill Park? I think you are. Maybe next summer Kingdom Trails?

Jamie (va_grown) said...

How inspiring to come so far in just a year! And what a great, healthy hobby to share as a couple. I bet he loves having your out there...most of the time. :) Now if you could just get wheels under Lexi...