Monday, November 8, 2010

Mountain Bike Monday - Burrrrrrrr!!!!

The temperature guage in the Jeep read 51 degrees!
This was the first "cold" ride since last Winter. And, it's always colder at the Park than at home. For some reason we forget that! But, 51 degrees isn't all that bad except when the wind is blowing and you're flying down the single track at a pretty good clip. We got all geared up and decked out in our winter riding gear! For me, my legs and fingers get the coldest. For Dynamo, it's his upper body, hands, and toes. So, Dynamo decided on his shorts and I went with pants.

Let me just say that these riding pants I have are totally awesome. I could wear them all day every day. They are so warm and cozy that I just want to lounge around in them all day. If they didn't have the "diaper" in the bottom they'd work well for other applications! For those that don't know...the diaper is the padding to protect your bottom. Trust me, it's worth it to have the padding!

I also got some new Smart Wool snowboarding socks on Saturday at REI, and they are fabulous! If you haven't tried Smart Wool, consider investing in a pair. When I say invest...I mean invest because this pair Dynamo bought me was about $24!!

It's so important to have the right gear, as I've mentioned before. You can weather anything if you have the right clothes. Another tip: Always start your winter rides out feeling a little cool. You ARE going to warm up! And, we sure did warm up. Notice my red face in pictues because I'm working so hard.
Sometimes it's so hard to take pictures of yourselves!
The ride was good! It was better than last week for me! We did about 13 miles of Lakeview Trails at Pocohontas. There wasn't a biking soul to be found on the trails. We did see a couple hiking, though. It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon yesterday! The temperature worked out to be just fine...with the proper gear!

Here's a pic of me next to this big tree on the trail. I think it's so awesome. You can't really tell by the pics, but trust is!
And, here's one of Dynamo sitting on it!

It's hard to tell how high the tree is off of the ground, but Dynamo did have to jump up to get on top of it. I couldn't get up there without a major mishap occurring!

So, I decided to sit and rest on the tree on the other side of the trail...
So, I hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was lovely because we got to spend Sunday together in the woods with all of the leaves and Fall smells!

Happy Monday!

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