Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mountain Bike Monday - Get UP!

I know it's not Monday...I'm late again...

The conversation began a little like this on Saturday...

Me: "You think I should maybe ride my geared bike today?"
Dynamo: "Why?"
Me: "Well, I thought maybe I'd like to see if I've gotten any faster on it!"
Dynamo: "It's up to you."
Me: "I'm not really sure I remember how to change the gears."
Dynamo: "Just ride 'Spot'."
Me: "Why? So, you don't have to listen to me complain the whole time about how I can't shift the gears."
Dynamo: "You got it!"

So, that's what I did...
I...rode...Spot...This saved us from a painful ride!

Let me tell you something about exercising or participating in any activity jointly with your spouse...It can be challenging. Dynamo says that they call the two person kayaks "divorce boats." Let me just tell you...we've done the two person kayak thing...and the mini catamaran thing...and neither worked out well. Mostly, because of me. Dynamo is patient, but I'm a wreck. I'd imagine a tandem bike would be much the same as those other sports. There are many days when I'm sure that Dynamo wants to ring my neck during our rides.

He says that I always want to argue with him and his advice. He's right! I don't know why! His 20 million years of biking experience couldn't mean more than my 1 year right? When am I going to learn to just be quiet and listen? (Note: I wish I could apply this technique to all aspects of my life.)

During the ride the conversation went something like this (several times)...
Dynamo: "Get up!"
Me: ...delay....."I'm up!"
Dynamo: "No, you're not up....your butt is still on the seat."
Me: "No, it's not. I know I told my brain to tell my butt to get off of the seat."
Dynamo: "Well, you weren't up."
Me: "Really? That can't be."
Dynamo: "You gotta get off the seat sooner."
Me: "No, way! I can't."

Let's just say that when I finally started getting up off of the seat when he told me too I got faster and handled the hills better.

As I said before...He's ALWAYS right!

And, because I listened and actually stopped arguing and saying "I can't!" I actually could and did have a "Good ride, hun!" kind of day!

Thanks, hun, for your patience. I'm getting it!

And, as the ride came to a close the conversation went something like this...

Dynamo: "I sure do hope Panera has clam chowder today."
Me: ....laugh...and...smile!

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