Thursday, June 2, 2011

A mossy "H" made-to-order

So, my college roommate, Melissa, made a slight little suggestion to me on her blog in early April. She hinted that she would love to have a giant moss covered initial letter for her front door. She wanted to make one, but wanted me to try it out first! Well, after a trip to the fabulous JoAnn's store in Richmond (they have the big stores there) I came back with a giant letter and moss. Here was the result...

Moss Letter

The "H" if for her last name, not mine, silly! Yes, this was the trial run on our front door before packaging and shipment.

I think it turned out just lovely if I do say so myself!

Moss Letter

Since this was a trial, I'll tell you first off that the moss stuff makes a big mess! Instead of working outside like I should have, I did so inside with the vacuum right next to me. Lexi wasn't quite sure what was going on!

Dynamo bought me hanger things to attach to the back. I opted to use ribbon to hang it with, but she can choose to use whatever works for her, or no ribbon at all. Dynamo was such a sweetie to help me package it up so it would arrive safely in South Carolina! He built these little styrofoam blocks to glue to the box as supports to help protect it if the post office decided to get wild and throw heavy boxes on top!

All 3 pounds were sent off as a surprise! I think it will look great on her door. It just kinda blends in with ours...must be the green house!

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