Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ridin' With Critters and Dynamo

So, the other day Dynamo and I went to the park for our after work spin on Lakeview. On the way to the parking area we saw a pretty deer just taking a stroll and eating leaves!


And...we weren't the only ones on the trail as usual. The first trailgoer was this great box turtle. He was so fast. We even thought he might actually try to climb the log!


Dynamo said that those turtles are everywhere and couldn't believe we stopped for yet another one. This is after we saw 2 of them on Sunday on our gravel road (which we had to photograph as well might I add). I just think they're so cool!

I was so excited about my first finding of the day after less than 2 miles of riding!

That is until we rounded a corner and what did we see? Yes, you got it...a GIANT black snake sprawled across the trail.


He was in no hurry to move, but did start slithering slowly away from us once he noticed we had stopped and were watching him. I was trying deperately to get my camera out and ready. I got the following closeup which might help you see how icky he was!


I guess I'm not totally cured of my snake phobia! I was a little uneasy after encountering that guy, but willing to continue onto Lakeview 2. We were rolling along smoothly chatting and laughing when on my way uphill I glanced to my left when something black caught my eye. You guessed it! The second black snake just to the left of the trail. He actually had his head raised as if he was watching to see where the commotion was coming from. All I could think to say was "Jeff! Snake! Keep GOING!!" Then, Dynamo said, "You wanna go back and take a picture?" To that I said, "No way!" I was so surprised to see that critter on the side with his head up that I didn't want to go back and inspect further! I really don't know why his head was up and wasn't interested in testing the situation!

So, since I was a little shaken up I figured I better take my "Rachel Mojo" (our friend Elise refers to my snake and critter finding ability as this) and jump off the singletrack and onto the fireroads for a while. Dynamo is right in that we encounter most of our critter friends on the trails in the evening hours after work. I know that they're all out hunting and we're just interrupting, but I think somedays there are more than usual. Also, this time of year they seem to be moving much slower than normal. The heat really is too much for them at times I think.

We finished our ride with about 14 miles. I was feeling really good. It's a shame I let the critters get the best of me! There's always tomorrow!


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