Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful for Wildlife?

I was telling Dynamo that I should do a Thankful Thursday post about being thankful for my snake friends. I've always been a little torn about how I feel. At times I thought the snakes were haunting me. I even researched animal totems and possible reasons that I could be seeing all of these snakes. But, in the end I think the bottom line is that when you bike as much as Dynamo and I do we're gonna see critters. We're gonna see more than most people because we bike anywhere from 25 to 45 miles each week. And, when you start early or late in the day, that's when they're most active, especially in the summertime.

So, I've decided to be at peace with nature, especially the slithering creatures. We have come to an understanding with one another. It doesn't mean that they don't scare the poop out of me when I am surprised by them, but it does mean that I understand that they have a place. I am in their habitat disturbing their life and daily rituals, so why should I get upset that they're there?!?

I LOVE when we see lots of activity in the park. I enjoy seeing the squirrels gathering food and playing, the deer, especially the babies with spots, and the turtles.

Dynamo took a ride the other night while I was helping mom out with Bible School dinner. Here's what he saw...



And, when MBM, Dynamo, and I rode on Tuesday evening we saw this turtle in the middle of the fireroad.

Box Turtle Poco 3

He was struggling so hard. When we finally got a close inspection we realized that he only had 3 legs. WOW!! It's amazing how they survive. Dynamo helped him up over the hill since he was like a tire stuck in the mud...just spinning!

Box Turtle Boco 2

And...we couldn't leave the park without checking on our "favorite" snake family. Since it was getting dark, we knew they would be out hunting. Sure enough...

Snake Family

The picture shows 2, but there were 4 total. I guess naming them Jack and Dianne won't work now. So, I'm looking for naming suggestions. Got any?

Dynamo and MBM were very interested as you can see here!

MBM and Dynamo Snake Watching

It felt like a National Geographic episode. Talk about being close to nature! Happy Thursday!

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Jamie Oliver (@va_grown) said...

I try to just be ok with them as long as they are outside where they belong too. All those little creepy-crawlies. But sometimes it takes grit teeth! :)

If you're open to it though, you're right, you get to see some awesome stuff!