Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mountain Bike Monday - Bridges over Poco

View from Bridge

On Saturday we caught up with our friends, Rachel and Clay, and went for a nice ride at Poco. We met them early and rode about 10 miles together. We rode from the top lot at the Park down to the Blue Trail and back. It was a great ride with two lovely people! We only had 1 issue and that was me getting a flat. I ran over a stick and it snapped the metal valve stem right in half. Crazy! So, Dynamo and Clay got me all fixed up and we continued onward. Unfortunately, we were so busy talking and visiting that we didn't get any pictures with them. I'm so sorry! I'll do better next time!

After we left our friends we ventured over to the Lakeview Trails and did another 13 miles or so. I'm not really sure because in all the commotion of the morning I got distracted and forgot to set my cyclometer at first, and then during the tire change it got reset somehow. So, we're estimating the mileage on the lower side.

On our ride together we encountered one black snake. He was on the side of the trail and we didn't even see him...that is until we were right next to him. He got scared and started slithering. He was "running" in fear. I screamed and kept on pedaling. Dynamo said the snake started to come towards him in a state of confusion (probably because my scream scared him silly). So, Dynamo said all he could think to do was take his feet out of his clips and lift his feet up. I didn't see this, but he said his feet were about on top of his handlebars. This was good thinking on Dynamo's part! We had no way of knowing which way Mr. Snake was going to "run." We got settled down and started laughing! If only we had the video camera on my seat post. It would have caught the whole ordeal!

Yesterday we had a nice spin at the Park. I met Dynamo after work and we did a warmup lap on this new section of trail we noticed the other day. Talk about beautiful!! It was a beautiful new bridge!

Bridge 2

It was so exciting to discover this new "connection." It is a new route for the campers to get to the pool area. More new terrain for us to ride!


Of course we had to stop to take pictures!

Rachel and Jeff on Bridge

Bridge 4

We ventured over to the green and blue trails after our warmup loop and had a great ride! The temperature was excellent. The bugs weren't biting! The trails were just perfect for our tires according to Dynamo!

We completed about 11 miles! It was a "Good ride, hun!" kind of ride!

Bridge 3

But, I didn't mention what we saw...

Yes...two snakes!

When we went over the bridge at the Beaver Creek Dam at the beginning of the warmup, Dynamo noticed two snakes in the water.

snakes with arrows

The arrows are to show you their location.

The crazy part is that they weren't moving very much. It seemed as though the one on the left in the picture was stuck under the rock. So, we decided to leave them alone in case they were just "hunting." So, at the end of our ride I told Dynamo I just had to go back and check to see if they were really stuck or what. Well, they were still there. We knew then that something was wrong. I know...it doesn't seem possible that a snake would be stuck, but trust me...he was! The other one was just sitting there watching his friend/girlfriend struggle to breathe!

In this photo you'll see the head of the one on the left come up for air.

snake head arrow

And, you know I don't like snakes one bit, but we just couldn't not get help for them just in case they were really in trouble. Who knows what could've happened. So, I talked to the people at the ranger station, and they said they would go down with a shovel to free them up. I sure hope they were ok!

So, we'll end with a happy picture!

Rachel and Jeff on Bridge 2

Hope your Monday was fantastic!


Jim Rosen said...

I can picture him with his feet on his handle bar. That is too funny!

Jamie Oliver (@va_grown) said...

Never thought I'd see the day when you'd feel sorry for a snake! :)