Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Look at me

March 30, 2012_0026

I'm getting to be such a big boy!

March 30, 2012_0032

My Momma and Daddy got me this stupid collar!

March 30, 2012_0033

I really hate it. It itches. It's heavy. The only good thing about it is that it's my favorite color...RED!

March 30, 2012_0038

Mom says it's made of soy, so it's natural and washable...but...what does that mean to me? I'm restricted! Here I am mad and trying to scratch it off...

March 30, 2012_0045

I guess we're going to have to practice a little more with it till I get comfortable. It does goes really well with my tuxedo don't you think?

March 30, 2012_0047

I'm so big! Mom and Dad keep saying I'm growing too fast!

March 30, 2012_0043

Did you notice that my ears are trying to stand up?

March 30, 2012_0006

They have a little curl at the top. They're almost standing!

March 30, 2012_0010

Did I tell you how much I love my squeaky fishy? I love to run around and play fetch with him. I chew all the pointy things. I'm gonna get that squeaker out one day...you just wait!

March 30, 2012_0009

Have a great day!

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jackie said...

Rachel the quilt is approximately 42 square.....there is no perfect measurement because of the way you construct it. I may have another picture to send you but I have already sent it off with the Grandma. Send me your email address at jpeter@cox.net.....I will see if I can pull up another shot! Thanks!

Your puppy is so cute!