Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mountain Bike Monday - Recapping the Cap2Cap

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012

On Saturday, Dynamo and I ventured to the Chickahominy Riverfront Park near Williamsburg to participate in the Cap2Cap Ride. When we pulled up the field was full of riders looking to have a fun ride!

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (1)

This was our 2nd year participating in the 50 mile ride.

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (2)

Last year we chose our starting point from Richmond.

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (7)

This year we decided to change the scenery and start from the Williamsburg side.You start and end in the same location, which is pretty cool. So, we took a chance and it worked out great! We met these two ladies that were parked next to us with a cool green Mazda! They asked us what our pace was going to be and asked if they could join us. They indicated we could ride in a pace line, which would make the ride a little easier.

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (8)

We agreed, but told them we were not roadies and didn't know much about road riding, so they would have to excuse our lack of knowledge.

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (10)

It was great to have them riding with us because we took turns "pulling." This means that every so often we switched leaders. The line just rotated up and that way everyone got the chance to do a little drafting. Just like Nascar! Tracy and Elizabeth were fantastic company. They were so friendly and helpful. We enjoyed riding with them, chatting, and enjoying the scenery! We happened upon a sod farm somewhere in Charles City County!

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (11)

I was trying to snap pics behind me and ride at the same time (without falling off)!

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (12)

We had stops, which were called "feed zones," every so often. We got to make a potty stop, relax a bit, snack some, and refuel!

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (15)

It was great to have a "team" of riders! It made the day that much more fun!

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (16)

Also, it's better to have more riders on the road for safety!

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (18)

We got to ride a part of some of the already completed Charles City portion of the Capitol Trail, which was super nice!

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (20)

We saw lots of cropland!

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (25)

The ladies taught us lots of terminology and hand signals, which truly do help when you're riding on the road.

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (26)

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (28)

It was a great day for riding. These events are so much fun. It's not a race, but a chance to enjoy being out with other riders supporting a good cause, and getting some fresh air!

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (33)

Eventually, when the Capital Trail is complete you will be able to ride from Richmond to Williamsburg! That's amazing! Think of the tourists that will come!

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (35)

We kept a constant pace and enjoyed our day. As we neared the end of our ride we caught up with the ladies' husbands, who were finishing the 100 mile ride.

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (38)

We all rode in together over the big bridge!

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (42)

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (44)

Cap2Cap Ride May 2012 (51)

Then, we grabbed some lunch that was waiting for us. Buzz and Ned's BBQ! YUM! Dynamo gave me a smooch and thanked me for the ride! It was a "Good ride, hun!" kind of day! I was proud of myself! My second 50 miler ever! I've come a long ways in 2.5 years of riding. Maybe we can complete some more fun rides this summer together!

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Jim Rosen said...

Cool. Sounds like you guys had a great ride. Thanks for sharing. Pics are great!