Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How does our garden grow?

JRC Garden June 2012 (1)

I thought it might be nice to share our little garden. Above are our sungold cherry tomatoes. They are super sweet and delicious! We've had a few to turn yellow and we munched them right away! Soon, they will be ready!

Here's the pic of the prized first one!

JRC Garden June 2012 (2)

Dynamo waters religiously and fertilizes the plants! We have them in little square foot garden boxes!


We have three varieties of tomatoes, eggplant, two varieties of peppers, lettuce, and chives. We have one HUGE cherry tomato plant in a container by the back steps! There's one mater that's almost ready! The plant is taller than me and full of maters!

JRC Garden June 2012 (4)

And, here's a pic of the pepper plant...

JRC Garden June 2012 (3)

And, now for the flowers...

We have six raised beds that started out like this...

Raised garden beds April 2012 (1)

And, now they look like this...

JRC Garden June 2012 (5)

The zinnias are in full bloom!

JRC Garden June 2012 (6)

Look at all the happiness!

JRC Garden June 2012 (9)

And, here are the three rows of sunflowers we planted last week!

JRC Garden June 2012 (11)

They are just now peeking through the dirt! The ones we planted next to the garage are a few inches tall now! It isn't easy to see them in this pic, but they are there!

JRC Garden June 2012 (10)

The yard is so beautiful this time of year! Everything is happy an blooming! Dynamo has worked hard watering every morning before work and every night after!

JRC Garden June 2012 (12)

It takes lots of work to keep everything happy and healthy! We make a good team! Now, if Charlie could only stop running through the sunflower rows and tearing them up we would be fine! He loves fresh dirt!

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