Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mountain Bike Monday - A lovely night for a ride!

Last Thursday, Dynamo, MBM, and I headed out on the Lakeview Trails at Poco for a ride. We hadn't been able to coordinate schedules to ride, so this was the first in a while! We had missed our riding trio!

Boy! It was HOT!!!!! I mean HOT!!!!!!!! We were drenched with sweat! Even my kneecaps were burning up! We did have a great ride even though I forgot my camera!

On Saturday, Dynamo and I hit the green and blue trails at Poco!


The camera was really messing up! So, I apologize for the crummy photos!

Dynamo posed for a pic on top of this big grey rock! It's rideable (not for me), but pretty awesome!


We had a great ride on a lovely evening. The temperature was great and we flew through the trails breaking my record for those two trails!


Dynamo said I was cruising through, especially the downhills! I REALLY do love downhill! I love to fly!


We had a great ride together! I felt fast and comfortable on the bike. Each ride I feel better than before. I am really starting to notice my skills improving as well as my confidence. Time on the bike is truly the only way to get better!

Hopefully the camera will be in better condition for next week's report!

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