Monday, October 22, 2012

Mountain Bike Monday - Falling leaves

Poco Oct 21, 2012 ride (8)

Sunday was a beautiful fall day! Dynamo and I enjoyed our ride together.

Poco Oct 21, 2012 ride (7)

We decided to ride the Monster Cross loop! We started out down by the boat ramp and did the entire loop. After about 6 miles we headed over to what we call the "horse side" of the park!

Poco Oct 21, 2012 ride (6)

We crossed the water together. I with a little help from Dynamo.

Poco Oct 21, 2012 ride (3)

Poco Oct 21, 2012 ride (4)

The water was a little too deep to ride across! The horses probably don't have much trouble crossing though!

Poco Oct 21, 2012 ride (2)

We continued on down to the dam and back to the front of the park. Then, we headed down to the pool via fireroads. The last bit was over on Forest Exploration. We finished up at 26 miles having completed the Monster Cross Route! I guess I'm thinking about signing up for that ride (right now only the 1/2...don't get too excited). Dynamo is already signed up for the 50 miler!

Poco Oct 21, 2012 ride (1)

It was a lovely day. Leaves were everywhere! Many different colors...such beauty.

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