Friday, October 26, 2012

Beer soap...really?

Beer Soap Oct 2012 (3)

Yes, really! I decided to try something new and different. I grabbed a bottle New Belgium's Hoptober (appropriate for the time of year I thought) and got to work! After much research I found that beer used in place of water in a soap recipe is supposedly very good for the skin.

Beer Soap Oct 2012 (1)

All of that barley and hop goodness acts much like the oatmeal does and provides great moisturizing qualities to the bar!

Beer Soap Oct 2012 (8)

The bars are slightly different in texture and have a different smell. They appear very creamy! There is no alcohol in the finished product, but the good for your skin stuff is still there! I added oats and some local honey to the batch along with a hint of Orange Essential Oil!

I'm anxious to try a bar! If it's as good as people say, I'll be making lots more!

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