Friday, June 4, 2010

A Mother's Day Shoe

I know it's a little past Mother's Day, but I recently was able to take a picture of what I made for mom and thought I'd share. I totally forgot to take the picture before giving the gift.

The shoe, or concept, can be used for anyone at anytime (i.e. teacher, friend, co-worker, etc). I got the great idea from another blog, Good Grief Girdie. She held a class (in Oklahoma) so; needlesstosay, I was unable to attend. I just enjoyed the pictures on her blog, used the materials I had around the craft room, and tried to customize my shoe to what I thought my mom's style was. She enjoys pinks and floral stuff.

Here's a view from another angle...

Yes, it's something else to sit around and collect dust, but because it is handmade it means so much! No one else can fill my mom's shoes.

Thanks for the inspiration, Good Grief Girdie.


Jamie (va_grown) said...

It turned out gorgeous!

It's no more of a dust collector that the 500,000 silly clay creations you make all thru elementary school. My parents kept every single one (they never needed to buy a paperclip holder!). It's the love that went into it that counts.

jackie said...

Thanks Rachel for the sweet comment. I know your Mom loved her shoe and the meaning behind it.