Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Dad...

We celebrated Father's Day last Saturday by going to dinner together! I love my Daddy with all my heart! I'm like him in a lot of ways, but do wish I had more of his traits. He's pretty relaxed and doesn't get fired up about much. Me...I get fired up about everything (humm...I guess I get that from mom!). Dad loves me no matter what...tall, short, fat, skinny (I wish!), smelly, clean, hair done or not!

They say you marry someone like your dad. Well, they don't lie! Dynamo is the perfect combination of my dad and his dad, Mr. C, (who is an awesome dad and husband too, might I add!) Dad is a great dad and has always set a great example of what a dad and husband should be. I love my dad so much...not just because he takes our trash to the dump and lets our dog (boy, he sure does love that dog) out everyday.

Dad has always worked so hard to give Mom and I everything he had. He worked 364 days a year from sunrise to whenever and more (for 30 plus years). No matter how tired he was he always had time to play catch with me. He only missed one game my entire softball career (and that was just a scrimmage). He was at everything...never missed a moment, celebration, or accomplishment. He has been my number one fan all my life.

There's a special bond that daddys share with their daughters. I can't explain it. I'm just so grateful for each day I have with my Dad. I'm so blessed to have a Dad because "Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad." Thanks for being a great daddy! You're my hero!

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Jamie (va_grown) said...

What a great photo! It will be a treasure forever.