Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Small town celebration

The Waverly Ruritan Club, of which my dad is a member, invited the members' families to come out for a fish fry pre-fireworks display yesterday evening. Dynamo and I left the big metropolis of Disputanta and headed  over to Waverly (about 20 minutes away) to meet Mom and Dad at the Waverly Ruritan ball field for dinner. We were welcomed with hugs by everyone, many of whom we have gone to church with for years. One thing I've learned is that no matter how long it has been since you've seen each other...1 week...1 day...1 month...you still get a hug! It's the standard greeting in a small town. Everyone is always so happy  to see you....truly! It makes you feel so good.

Many people discount the value of a small town. I'm guilty of it. I have always taken it for granted. I couldn't wait to get out and explore the big world as did many of my high school friends. I had to live and work somewhere other than here...so, Richmond it was. Why would I come back to Prince George? What would be here for me? After all...who wants to live where everyone knows everyone else? Who wants to be where everyone knows everyone else's business? Well, being that I'm a little older now, I have a little different perspective on it. I like knowing the people that live near me. I like feeling safe. I like knowing that if I ever needed anything they would be there. Dynamo and I have a support system. We have a community. I know you can "build" a sense of community wherever you are if you choose to, but it takes time.

So, here we are...back in Prince George. I certainly never thought we'd be back here, but it must be the plan to be here. Where everyone knows you! Even though it may take a little longer to get through the aisles at Ukrop's (It will always be Ukrop's to me), it's worth it. You know why? Because we'd miss it if it were gone. I'm thankful for what we have and for our community.

Now...onto the celebration! Here, the local volunteer fire department is wetting down the ballfield pre-fireworks.
Then, all the kids help to unload the fireworks and place them in the pre-determined position on the field...

Finally, the show...
What a beautiful sight it was. Dynamo and I watched the beautiful display that lit up the entire Town. I do think everyone in Waverly was there, all seated in their folding chairs, kids running around laughing, and patriotic music playing. It was beautiful.

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jackie said...

Rachel I received my catalog today....Thanks! And Thanks for the 4th of July tag.
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