Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's me again...

Grandpa and Charlie Mar 21, 2012

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know how much fun I'm having with my family. My Grandpa and I spent lots of time together yesterday! He let me run and play and check out everything in the yard. He still has to watch me like a hawk. I can be really sneaky!

I really love my Grandpa! I look for him now. He comes a few times each day to spend time with me. Did I tell you I was kinda his birthday present? Well, Mom and Dad got me on his birthday, which was Monday! So, I guess I will always be super special to Grandpa because I came home on his special day! I think I was a pretty good present, don't you?

Grandpa carried me around a little and introduced me to his red truck, which I can't wait to ride in. Pretty soon I'll be able to go ride in the golf cart with Grandpa too! That will be so much fun!

I'm so glad I have Grandpa to love me and watch me while my parents are at work.

And, guess what? When Mom and Dad got home we played some more! It was a little rainy, so we played inside a lot.

Charlie March 21, 2012 025

I start out by giving my dad licks of love and then chomp!

Charlie March 21, 2012 026

We are working on that right now! I'm not sure why they say "Ouch" and then give me a toy when I bite. But, I just go with the flow.

Charlie March 21, 2012 010

I'm just adorable right?

Charlie March 21, 2012 003

I like to walk under the dining room table. The legs are a little tough to chew on though since they are metal (good thing for mom and dad).

Charlie March 21, 2012 037

I'm such a cutie. I even discovered the vacuum cleaner last night.

Charlie March 21, 2012 034

Charlie March 21, 2012 006

I saw the long cord (I thought I could eat it at first), but then this big gray monster that gurred at me came out. I wasn't too sure of it at first, but I knew it was ok.

Charlie March 21, 2012 036

They played with me lots...

Charlie March 21, 2012 016

Did I mention I love the camera? That flash is cool!

Charlie March 21, 2012 021

I'm quite the ham!

Charlie March 21, 2012 041

And then I got pooped out...

Charlie March 21, 2012 029

I even discovered my bed next. I took a little nap while Mom and Dad ate dinner.

Charlie March 21, 2012 032

I wear myself out playing so hard!

Charlie March 21, 2012 043

Life is good for me!

Charlie March 21, 2012 004

Don't you just love my floppy ears? I hope they stay like that!

Charlie March 21, 2012 039


M Rosen said...

Is he allowed to be that adorable? Soooo cute. I keep showing Jim pictures, saying "Look, look! Isn't he cute?" Jim is probably sick of me saying it, but it's true.

adrienne said...

I love all of the precious pictures of Charlie. What is so funny is his huge pile of toys in the pictures and his little stories. He really hit the great Home jackpot coming to live with you. Thank-you so much for giving the little prince a beautiful life. Love you charlie. Be good.