Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Domestic Diva?

So, I keep an ongoing list of "things I wanna try" and canning tomatoes was on my list.

Canning Tomatoes July 2012

I know what you're thinking..."Why can them when you can buy them in the store?"

Canning Tomatoes July 2012 (2)

Well, like I was telling Dynamo...I have a bucket list and it's not like most people's! It's made up of those things I want to teach myself to do. And, canning tomatoes was one of those things!

Canning Tomatoes July 2012 (4)

So, I ordered myself two books, a canning kit, and 12 Weck canning jars (After much research I decided these are the best - no BPA!) and got to work!

Canning Tomatoes July 2012 (5)

They all sealed perfectly! I did 9 jars of whole tomatoes and 3 jars of crushed tomatoes.

Canning Tomatoes July 2012 (6)

And, while I was at it I made salsa and homemade sauce!

Canning Tomatoes July 2012 (7)

Just call me Martha!

And...when a friend asked me if I wanted some cucumbers to make pickles what do you think I said?

Canning Pickles July 2012

Of course!!!

Canning June 2012 (4)

Why not right? So, I dug out my Ga Ga's sweet pickle recipe and made 4 quarts!

Canning is a lot of work, but stuff really does taste better when you do it yourself at home!!

Canning June 2012 (3)

I'd done pickles before, but never tomatoes! And, we use a lot of tomatoes, so it just makes sense! I wonder what I'll do next? I am just grateful that Dynamo puts up with me completing my "things I wanna try" list!

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