Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nut-free lavender soap

Lavender Olive Oil Soap July 2012 (4)

A customer came up and asked me to research creating a nut-free soap for her daughter, who is allergic to all nuts.

Lavender Olive Oil Soap July 2012 (2)

This past week I agreed to create a batch of olive oil soap scented with lavender. So, this was the result.

Lavender Olive Oil Soap July 2012 (1)

I am very pleased with the result and think this bar will be VERY creamy! I had never made a one oil soap...until now! This is a castille soap! I think other customers might like the idea too, so we'll give it a try.

Lavender Olive Oil Soap July 2012 (7)

Plus, as my customer I can market a line of nut-free soaps. There are more people out there with allergies than we know of, so I'm looking forward to getting the feedback. I can't wait for her daughter to try it. We will be trying a bar too!!

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Anonymous said...

My daughters are allergic to peanuts, and it a general rule with this allergy to avoid all nuts due to possible/highly likely cross contamination. We are also a "green" type household. Needless to say, finding products is difficult and when we can, expensive. I've been researching soap recipes and have been unable to find any that are nut free. Were you asked to find a castile soap that does not have coconut oil? ?? If so, I would love that info if you don't mind sharing. Thanks so much!