Monday, July 23, 2012

Mountain Bike Monday - Girls Morning Out

Ride July 22, 2012 (3)

Last week Dynamo and I hit the Battlefield for a couple of loops after work! We got there and had just missed a big storm, so the road was really wet! Dynamo stopped about a mile into the ride for the little guy above! I saved him by placing him across the road in the grass. My good deed for the day :)

Ride July 22, 2012 (4)

We were virtually the only ones out there last Thursday. I guess it was because of the weather!

Ride July 22, 2012 (6)

We got in a good 15 miles or so! It was lonely without Charlie, but because it was a little too warm, we decided he needed to rest at home in the A/C!

Then, on Sunday morning, I met up with my friend, Missy, for another damp ride at Poco! While we rode, Dynamo headed over to do a loop on Forest Exploration.

Ride July 22, 2012 (16)

We met at the Nature Center and headed back towards the front of the Park on the Fendley Station Loop! Missy wanted to see some of the fireroads since she had only done singletrack out there.

Ride July 22, 2012 (15)

So, I took her on a little tour. It was raining little specs here and there, but for the most part it was a nice morning for a ride!

Ride July 22, 2012 (12)

We rode down to the damn and parked our bikes. We wanted to take a look at the water!

Ride July 22, 2012 (10)

It was still pretty low, even after the rain!

Ride July 22, 2012 (8)

We ventured back towards the park entrance and then down the Muddy Buddy Trail. I wanted to show Missy the new bridge!

Ride July 22, 2012 (18)

We had such a lovely time just riding and chatting. Missy got to see new parts of the park and I got to practice my navigation skills!

Ride July 22, 2012 (19)

I do love that park. There's so much out there to see! It's especially pretty while everything is so green!

It was a nice girls' ride! I hope we can do it again soon!

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