Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mountain Bike Monday - Sunday Social Hour

Poco Ride July 29, 2012 (7)

I met up with my friend, Missy, on Sunday for another ride! I told her that I would take her to a different section of the Park.

Poco Ride July 29, 2012 (9)

We started out by heading over across the boatramp to Forest Exploration! It was pretty hilly to start out, so I apologized, but once we got past the initial hills, we rolled nicely along.

Poco Ride July 29, 2012 (11)

Hills are good training, but sometimes they really can get ya when there are lots in the beginning of the ride! Talk about a good warmup!

Right away Dynamo caught us, stopped to say hi, and then vanished into the distance!

Poco Ride July 29, 2012

He's the hare and I'm the tortoise! That's ok...

Missy and I really enjoyed our time together! We got to ride and talk, ride and laugh, ride and cry...yes, that would be me! You know I tear up over the slightest thing! Over the past two rides we've had to catch up since we hadn't seen one another much.

Poco Ride July 29, 2012 (5)

We had a great ride with lots of hills! We completed about 10 miles and had a great time doing it!

When we got back to the car, I met up with Dynamo and we headed out to do the blue trail before heading home!

Poco Ride July 29, 2012 (3)

I finished the day having completed about 16 miles or so. I was pleased! Since I only got one ride in last week, I wanted to take advantage of Sunday! This week I hope to do better with more rides!

While riding Dynamo and I got to talking. There are lots of ladies that have expressed an interest in starting to ride. I'd like to get a group of ladies together to do some beginner rides.

And...I'd like to offer to start a weekly ride this fall with the ultimate goal of participating in the Monster Cross race in February of 2013. There is a 25 mile and 50 mile option for that race. It takes place at Poco on the fireroads.

I was thinking that each week we could tackle a little bit of the course, start slow, and work up. It would be a great opportunity for girls and guys to start riding and building strength in preparation for what distance they want to try. What do you think? Anyone interested? Anyone want to help coordinate? Email me or comment! I'd love to know some thoughts!

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