Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A great hoilday weekend - A recap!!

Of course we went biking! It was such a glorious weekend that we just had to take advantage of the beautiful weather that God gave us! So sorry that I didn't post yesterday, but time just got away from me! I know I have so many followers that you totally were missing me (haha)! It reminds me of the Julie & Julia movie where she asks if anyone is out there and gets excited because she recieves one comment. And, guess who the comment was from? Yes...her mom! Her mom thinks it's ridiculous that she blogs, but by the end of the movie she's demanding more posts! It's funny how things work out right? Well, for all my readers if you're out there, I'm back. I digress...

Back to the weekend...Yes, we biked. We biked the Petersburg National Battlefield. The pic above is a trail view. We started out doing a road ride (yes on a mountain bike, and yes there is a reason there are different types of bikes). It's nice inside the park because the road has a HUGE designated bike/walk lane. And, cars are only allowed to go one way, which makes me feel super safe. Lots of trees and natural space. After riding on the road, we decided to check out some of the trails. Many were multi-use, and when I say multi I mean multi. I am not so sure I really like that. Let me just say there were a lot of piles to dodge. What you ask? Answer = horse poop! Also, the footing was a little sandy for me in places, but that just means I have to work a little harder.

You could spend many hours riding and reading the various informational boards about the battles like the one below. If you're into history, this is the place for you.
I tried to stay focused and ride on. I get distracted easily. Maybe it's because I like to take breaks!

After enjoying the lovely afternoon on Saturday we packed up the bikes and went for dinner in downtown Petersburg at Demolition Coffee. After all, we were right there and I certainly didn't want to cook! I just had to take a pic of my delicious tuna melt (A.K.A. Captain Casey).
Sunday was a glorious day as well. We went to lunch with our friends, the Clarks, then headed over to the Chesterfield Courthouse to bike on their nice multi use trail and through the neighborhood. No evidence of horses there!

Here are our adopted nieces being "tree huggers" at the restaurant before the ride.
Dynamo is getting some help from his niece as he preps his bike for the ride. She was fascinated with the product, Stan's No Tubes. I think kids just like anything ooey gooey!

Did I mention the fact that we saw a snake? Here he is...

He was just a little guy, but still a snake. Again, you all know how I feel about those things! Ick!

After a game of frisbee, getting it stuck in the tree at the Courthouse, throwing Aunt Rachel's shoes in the tree to get it down, getting those stuck, and thinking it hilarious, we said goodbye. Mike, Dynamo, and I parted and went for a quick ride at Pocohontas Park. We did Lakeview 1 and 2! We rocked! It was an awesome ride. Weather was great! We felt great! About 10 miles of awesomeness!

Monday was a catch up clean up day. Mom, Dad, Grams, and Nannie came over for an early Labor Day dinner. I worked hard to make 2 cakes, salad, bread, and pasta bake (layered spaghetti) for the guests. It is always nice to see family, get hugs, and make memories. The Steed loves company. She thinks that they come just to see her. We don't tell her any different.

Hope your holiday weekend was as wonderful as ours was. We made lots of memories!


Jim Rosen said...

Sounds wonderful!

Jamie said...

I think that snake actually looks kind of cute and friendly. But anything would compared to a copperhead, right? Sounds like a busy-fun weekend!