Tuesday, September 28, 2010

October is coming soon!

Shortly it will be October, which is one of my favorite months. You know why? Well, because Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays!!! It's just so much fun to dress up. The colors are so spookalicious!!! Purple, orange, green, black...almost any color can become spooky! I was so excited to find an awesome fat quarter bundle at a quilt shop the other day. It was full of beautiful Halloween prints. Is it really possible to say that Halloween prints are beautiful? Well, to me, yes! I just had to buy the bundle! I've been diligently working on little projects ever since. I'll share more projects as the month goes on.

In anticipation of October, I decided that I wanted to make myself a little tote bag for the month! I carry a tote to work everyday with my junk in it. I have lunch, magazines, books, and other stuff. So, thinking of that criteria, I created my own pattern and got to work! It's super easy to make these totes and really fun. The longest part for me is always cutting out the material. Here is side 1 of the bag!
 A closeup of side 1 here (I just love those spiders don't you?)...
And, here's side 2...

I just loved the big green dots! All the dots make your eyes go crazy huh? How fun!!!
And, for the handles and lining (I always line my bags because it gives them a nice finished look) I used some white dots from my clown costume material from last year!
Happy Tuesday!

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Jim Rosen said...

Very cute bag. You are quite talented.