Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thankful on a Rainy Thursday

This was the beautiful sky the other night when we had to make a quick run to Walgreens to get NyQuil...

The sky was so awesome! I tried really hard to get a good pic with the camera phone! It was glorious! We were in awe! I only wish I had my real camera and could have taken a better pic to share with you. But, it was in that moment that Dynamo and I both stopped and realized just how beautiful the night sky was!

And, then, this morning on my way to work I fought severe downpours. The sky looked like this...
WOW! What a change! But, instead of being dreary and sad about the rain we've been getting since yesterday morning, I'm grateful. It's been such a hot, dry summer here. The crops were poor, the flowers stopped blooming early, water restrictions are on, and my Nannie's well is pulling sand. This rain is a blessing. Often, it comes "a day late and a dollar short," as they say, but it comes in its own time.

Rainy days are good days. They are days when we're forced to stay inside and cuddle up together. Last night that's just what we did...Dynamo, the Steed, and I...together. Rainy days give us time to stop and talk to one another, to eat at home, to watch t.v. together, and to go to bed early! They, like snow days, help us to reconnect to one another and be grateful for another day together, even if it is us having to be inside.

So, in my list of thankful things for the week, I include...

21. RAIN!!!! RAIN! RAIN!
22. the after rain effects - After the rain everything looks so crisp and clean...ready to start fresh.
23. my umbrella
24. the door already being unlocked when I got to work so I didn't have to fumble with keys, etc. in the rain.
25. rainy days

So, take advantage of the rainy days and enjoy one another!

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Jim Rosen said...

You are right. We needed the rain big time. I am definitely thankful. We take our water for granted here I think. I had two nights of running in the rain. Tonight it rained on me pretty hard but I still had a great run. I am thankful that I can.