Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday...Moo! Moo!

Recently, I noticed something that I have never paid any attention to before. I was coming into the office and heard lots of mooing...yes, moo-ing! Cows! I have worked here for over six years and never noticed the cows mooing in the morning, except on the days when they have cattle sales. Then, they're REALLY mooing (they know where they're headed). I have noticed the mooing every day now. They are bound to have been mooing all this time, but I've never been listening. I must always be distracted by the fact that I need to get into the office and what I was going to be doing that day.

Just so you know...I work for a rural locality that is on the outskirts of a very busy area of Virginia. We still have lots of farmland and wildlife. I remember the first few weeks of work here when one day I was late to work because a flock of peacocks decided they were going to take their time crossing the road. At the time I thought it was normal to encounter such holdups...and, boy was I irritated...But looking back on it and finally noticing the cows I realized that this isn't normal for other people. They might be held up by a traffic jam or road work, but it's not very often that you hear of peacocks stopping traffic. Mind you traffic means more.

I'm often held up by slow moving vehicles, namely ones, blue ones, red ones, old ones, new ones, etc. I take it in stride and am grateful for those moments. Because without cows mooing and tractors we would have no food, no farmers, and no farms.

I was not looking forward to when school would start up again because my commute gets altered due to the slow buses and the school zones, but coming to work and seeing the two little boys waiting at the bus stop with the neigborhood dog lounging in the middle of the road keeping watch over them (again, another holdup because you have to wait for him to decide to move out of the way) I realized that I had missed seeing them over the summer. They wave at me and I enjoy seeing them (and the dog). For this I  am grateful because they make me smile. They are always laughing and playing while waiting at the bus stop.

So, today, here is my list...What are you thankful for today? Check out the other posts here.

11. farms, farmers, food, tractors, cows, peacocks
12. bus stops
13. dogs
14. patience
15. EARS to listen

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