Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday - Week 1 friend over at Walkin' In High Cotton has been participating in this Thankful on a Thursday series for several weeks now. I always admire her very lovely posts about her thankfulness. I figured that it might be a really good exercise to write down those things I am thankful for all year round versus just on Thanksgiving. So, I'll start at the beginning and add to each week.

I am thankful for...

1. My Dynamo - Always and Forever! To quote Jerry McGuire, "he completes me." Our marriage is about teamwork. We both have jobs that we drive long distances to (50 minutes or more), so it definitely takes both of us to get the grass cut, laundry done, dishes washed, dinner made, etc. I am thankful that he is ALWAYS willing to be my helper and I his. I am thankful for each moment I get with him. I LOVE YOU, hun!

2. My Mom and Dad - Mom is a supermom. She never sleeps. Never sits down. She's the energizer bunny. If you say you need it, Mom gets it for you. She is very loving, giving, forgiving, and kind. She's also brutally honest with me, which I need. Thanks for being you, mom. I LOVE YOU!

For those of you that don't know, Daddy stops by our house everyday to let the Steed out and eat peanut butter crackers with her. She loves her Grandpa. I am thankful for the crumbs on the counter, the peanut butter on the cabinet door and fridge. These are signs that he has been by the house, but also that he left a lot of love there too! Mom - don't yell at him for making a mess at our house. It's ok! Today he will be giving the Steed a bath on the patio. It's gotten to be their ritual together on Thursdays. It's also trash to the dump day! Thanks, Daddy! Thanks, God, for giving me such a special Dad!

3. My in-laws, Mr. and Mrs. C. - Even though they live far away (Florida) we talk to them regularly. When I married Dynamo my parents got a son and the Chieppas got a daughter. I've tried to be a good daughter to them. I'm so very blessed to have them. They love us and support our marriage 100%. I couldn't ask for more.

4. A home - period. So many people don't have a home to call their own. God has blessed us with a beautiful home that we built together. It's filled with love and hope and memories.

5. Today - Each day is so very special. We run around going from here to there always in a hurry. I asked Dynamo this morning as we were getting ready for work if he felt like this was deja vu. It feels like we're always thinking about what and where next. I need to stop and be more thankful for each day and each moment I have.

"There is no limit to God's love. It is without measure, and its depth cannot be sounded." - Mother Teresa

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Jamie (va_grown) said...

What a lovely post! It so great to be able to spend time every week remembering that there are blessings buried in everything we do.

And your mom is a supermom! I bet she even ironed the sheets when you were growing up. Clearly you were her #1 priority.