Monday, January 30, 2012

mountain bike monday - the gravel grinder

January 28 Ride 2012_0034

On Saturday we set out with MBM to take a practice ride on the Monster Cross route. The Monster Cross is a 50 mile race at Poco on February 26. Dynamo is riding in the mountain bike singlespeed category.

January 28 Ride 2012_0014

First, I'd like to note that the 15 year old hand-me-down bike shoes finally busted. Yes, they were Dynamo's shoes that I've been wearing for 2.5 years. They were Dynamo's first bike shoes. They are a little big, but work perfectly in the winter with two pairs of socks.

The pic is not that great, but you can see the slight crack beneath the clip...Well, it's a BIG crack when the shoes bends...

January 28 Ride 2012_0001_edited-1

But...they are now done. They can go no farther. R.I.P. Nikes! They were great shoes!

January 28 Ride 2012_0005

So, for now I'm wearing Dynamo's Shimanos that are now his warm weather shoes. Again, they are too big, but I make do. I guess this spring I'll have to go out and get myself some bikes shoes because Dynamo will need them back. I guess I'm now on the hunt. If you have any recommendations, I'd like to hear them!

And...I'd also like to note that I have discovered two must haves for the ride. My Profile Design pouch for snacks, maps, and camera...

January 28 Ride 2012_0007

...and my Six Six One gloves. They rock!

January 28 Ride 2012_0011

They are super lite, have great gripping power, and even have a little terry cloth section for wiping sweat!

January 28 Ride 2012_0012

Me, being the navigator for our rides, I had the responsibility of overlaying the Garmin map with the Poco map to make sure we had the route correct.

So, we got going...

January 28 Ride 2012_0017

Yes, this is a hill...

January 28 Ride 2012_0018

There were lots of them on this course! look..another one...

January 28 Ride 2012_0022

And, it was only the beginning of the ride!

Our adventure began at the nature center. We headed up to the front of the park and over to what we call the horse side of the park.

January 28 Ride 2012_0025

We encountered a few riders of a different type....

January 28 Ride 2012_0026

Then we came back over to the main park and headed down Fendley Station to the dam where we stopped to photo a father son duo. Notice anything unique about this picture?

January 28 Ride 2012_0027

Yes, it's a mountain unicycle. WOW! is all I have to say.

January 28 Ride 2012_0030

We traveled up the park road for a short ways...yes, more hills..

January 28 Ride 2012_0033

January 28 Ride 2012_0037

The last 5 or so miles was on Forest Exploration...

January 28 Ride 2012_0039

January 28 Ride 2012_0043

There are some big climbs at the start of Forest Exploration...

January 28 Ride 2012_0042_edited-1

January 28 Ride 2012_0046

January 28 Ride 2012_0045

There was a lot of pedaling...

January 28 Ride 2012_0047

January 28 Ride 2012_0051

January 28 Ride 2012_0050

Then, we passed through the boat ramp and up the hill back to the car.

It was a fantastic ride. I felt pretty good. I was pleased with my ride time and speed. Each time I'm getting stronger and faster. I think I was spot on with the route! The first lap is supposed to be 27.5 miles. We finished the first lap with 27.7 miles on the cyclometer. Pretty close I would say.

January 28 Ride 2012_0058

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Charleston Hokie said...

Go girl go!!!! 27.7 miles? WOWSA.
And you kill me about wearing his shoes...really?!! :)