Friday, January 13, 2012

island flower soap

Island Flower Soap_0012

I was so excited to create this new soap because the fragrance reminds me of our honeymoon in St. Thomas!

Island Flower Soap_0003

It smells just like being on a tropical island.

Island Flower Soap_0010

Not too strong and not too soft...just perfect.

Island Flower Soap_0006

The soap sticks and curls were added to make the soap pretty of course! The color reminds me of the flowers on the islands!

Island Flower Soap_0014

I may even change the color of this soap from time to time because the beautiful flowers are many different colors.

Island Flower Soap_0002

This is a lovely soap! It will be ready just in time for Valentine's Day too!

1 comment:

Jamie Oliver (@va_grown) said...

I can only imagine how it smells, but the colors turned out lovely!