Monday, January 23, 2012

mountain bike monday - a rainy weekend

bike trainer

It was a rainy weekend here! So rainy that we didn't even get to go riding outside. When it rains we have to hit the bikes inside. That means that Dynamo gets on the trainer and I hit the rollers. It's definitely more fun to be outside, trust me. The rollers are so loud that I can't really hear the television. So, I have to try to read lips and get little bits of sound here and there!

Indoor training has its benefits. Trainers can help you to maintain a smooth pedal stroke, maintain stamina and fitness levels, and increase your leg strength.  We got the rollers a while back, especially for me. I wanted to improve my balance and overall stability. They also help to improve my pedal efficiency. Read here for more. I think I've gotten the hang of them pretty well now. You really can't take your concentration off of the task at hand when pedaling. I'm getting much better, but when we first got them I couldn't really look anywhere except straight ahead or else I'd become off balance and topple into the doorway. Yes, we took the advice of many and set it up in the doorway to the spare bedroom upstairs. It really is necessary because it is an unpredictable tool! Wait...maybe I meant to say that I'm unpredictable!

Nonetheless, I really do find that using rollers keeps you focused and really helps with balance. It's all about time on the bike in the end...whether inside or out it all counts!

I'm sorry that we don't have a video or pic of me on the rollers. Maybe next time!

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