Thursday, January 19, 2012

ramblings about my creative space

craft cabinet

The one place that I allow myself to be a little cluttered and all over the place is in my craft room. I am not a person that can create with a crystal clean desk. I have to have things out and in front of me in order to be able to make art, whatever that may be. I love my room. Kids love to come in the room, pull up a chair and just grab stuff and start coloring and cutting. My cousin, neighbor, and adopted nieces enjoy the room. I always get, "can we make a card?" The answer is always sure! I don't get nervous or afraid that they might break something or color on something. They can't hurt anything. It's just stuff! Fun stuff! Glitter, glue, colored pencils, pens, etc. Kids need to feel free to express and not be restricted. I think they like being there because it's eclectic and colorful. Everything they create is beautiful. Parents always tell their kids to be careful when they come in the craft room. So silly! They can't hurt anything! I know they are being respectful, but how can you be careful when you're creating? Sometime paint gets away from you! No big deal! That's what a rag is for!

Dynamo made me the beautiful cabinet above a while back! It's so lovely! Sturdy too! We painted it with red milk paint, then black milk paint, and distressed it to make it look antique. Then, we found these fabulous knobs at Anthropologie in a teal blue! Oh, it's so gorgeous! I'm sorry it's not a full shot, but the part you can't see is one long drawer and two doors below where all of my stamp sets are. My one rule there is that if they don't fit, something has to go. So, I do keep a limit on my stamp sets. The cabinet, as you can see, is completely filled up. Dynamo and I have had dicussions about how to organize my craft goodies, which would involve him building me more cabinets and shelves in the room. That project is on the list at some point.

I'm so grateful to have an entire room to work in. Many only have small corners or their dining room tables. I started out sewing downstairs on the table, but that's not very conducive if you want to eat too! So, I migrated the machine upstairs. I'll show pics of that another time!


I know that if your creative process is not like mine, then a scene like the one above might make you a little nervous. But, to me it's heaven. A few years ago Dynamo refinished this fabulous pub table that I bought one day at an antique shop in Charlottesville. He put this heavy duty tabletop finish on it for protection from me of course, and then it got covered up completely with other containers, an ink carousel, and the great dye cabinet you see above.

My theory is build higher with cabinets and drawers on top of others to make the most of my table space. And...I love using antique glasses to hold my pens, pencils, markers, scissors, etc. It makes things colorful and pretty. If supplies are within reach and I see them, then I will be sure to use them and less likely to forget about them. If it's tucked away in a drawer, who knows!

I didn't take pics of the rest of the room, but I promise to do that. Right now, it also doubles as a spare bedroom, so there are two twin beds in there as well. They are special because they are my great grandparents' beds from years ago. The ultimate plan is to take one down to get me a little more room.

I just thought I'd share with you a little about my workspace. I know that I enjoy seeing how other people work and organize items. I'm not sure my room is organized, but it is my space. Now, I just have to stay in my space and stop spilling out!

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