Wednesday, January 4, 2012

our holiday recap...part 1

Well, on Tuesday, December 20, we loaded up the car with my parents and Lexi and headed to sunny Florida for the holiday!

Christmas 2011_0375

Lexi is Daddy's best friend!

Christmas 2011_0380

The trip down was smooth sailing. We made it to the Bradenton/Sarasota area in one day with little to no traffic and minimal stopping. The priority stop was in Florence, SC, for Mom to shop at the Belk for 15 minutes while Dad, Dynamo, Lexi, and I hit Chic-fil-A. Mom forfeits eating for her shopping time! She's like a kid in a candy store when she sees a Belk!

Christmas 2011_0371

The ride was pretty painless! The rules were simple....don't eat too much and don't drink too much! Dad used the excuse that the dog had to go to the potty so we would stop. He was quite clever!

Being an only child I knew it would be hard to spend Christmas away from my family, so we brought them with us. And...the Chieppas were so kind and generous to welcome all of us into their home. My mom jokes that I come as a package! Why not be together as one big family? I guess it's a good thing our parents like each other!

When we arrived there were lots of hugs and food! Lots of desserts! Mr. C put out a plate of delicious goodies they got especially for Dynamo and I! Dynamo got his mom's homemade anisette cookies...

Christmas 2011_0276

...and they had a local bakery make me my favorite goodie...linzer tarts! We were in heaven!!! We felt so special!

Christmas 2011_0391

We came with goodies to share too! One of my co-workers made Mr. C. his favorite goodie - a fruitcake! So, he dug right into it!

Christmas 2011_0407

My Mom and Dad rented a place on Anna Maria Island. So, we all went over to the island to check out their place and get in a little beach weather!

Christmas 2011_0350

Their place was right on the beach!

Christmas 2011_0322

If you haven't been to Anna Maria, put it on your list. It's a fantastic little spot on the Gulf with a small island feel. The beaches are beautiful and clean, and people come from all over to visit.

We all made ourselves right at home on the beach there!

Christmas 2011_0328

Christmas 2011_0330

Christmas 2011_0334

Christmas 2011_0343

Christmas 2011_0345

This is the life...

Christmas 2011_0348

It's always wonderful to see Dynamo's parents. We only get to see them once or twice each year, which isn't enough. Talking on the phone just isn't the same!

So, we spent the first three days dragging the Chieppas around town shopping, eating, and shell hunting!

Christmas 2011_0354

Christmas 2011_0355

Oh, and we had fun shell hunting! Mr. and Mrs. C thought we got lost on the beach!

Christmas 2011_0251

And...I love to find sanddollars!

Christmas 2011_0243

But...the coolest thing were these hearts that a woman was making on the beach.

Christmas 2011_0239

So, we staged a photo shoot of ourselves!

Christmas 2011_0235

It was glorious!

Christmas 2011_0247

When Christmas Eve arrived, we ventured out to the Sarasota Farmers' Market!

Christmas 2011_0207

Talk about a wonderful market!

Christmas 2011_0212

It was strawberry season too! Momma bought a pint and ate the whole thing before we left!

Christmas 2011_0213

Christmas 2011_0214

When we returned it was time for Dynamo's brother and sister-in-law to get in from Georgia. Amy and Craig are two wonderful people whom I love dearly. And, my dad just adores Amy!

Here's my dad with Amy!

Christmas 2011_0191

She is such a kind, generous, intelligent lady whom I consider myself lucky to be related to! I couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law. And, Craig isn't too bad himself! He likes to joke on my accent. I honestly don't talk funny. He and Dynamo are a lot alike. He is a good man and good husband. They are two people whom you could count on if you needed anything. I'm very blessed! I just wish they were closer!

Here's Dynamo visiting with his baby brother!

Christmas 2011_0223

On Christmas morning Dynamo and Amy put on their running shoes and ventured out for a jog!

Christmas 2011_0129

Lexi relaxed...

Christmas 2011_0281

Upon their return we relaxed, opened presents, and waited for the other boys to arrive for dinner!

Amy and Craig got some mistletoe from us so they were testing it out!!

Christmas 2011_0158

Lexi and Tasha (Mr. and Mrs. C's dog) got gator dental chews from Santa!

Christmas 2011_0144

Dynamo's other two brothers, Richie and Michael, came for Christmas dinner. This was the first time in about 10 years that all of the "boys" were together! So, we took some group pictures!

Christmas 2011_0182

We laughed. We ate. We relaxed.

It was so wonderful to see the guys altogether. It was so special. I'm so glad that we could all be there together with Mr. and Mrs. C! They worked so hard to have the perfect dinner, desserts, and comforts for everyone.

Here are some more pics.

Christmas 2011_0187

This one was for Amy (yes, this is a family thing..there is a story behind this)!

Christmas 2011_0203_edited-1

It was a great time!

Christmas 2011_0197_edited-1

Did I mention the sweets?

Christmas 2011_0228

More tomorrow...

And...P.S. Today is my parents' 41st wedding anniversary!!! Congratulations! Love you!

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