Thursday, January 5, 2012

our holiday recap...part 2

Christmas 2011_0320

After Christmas we had some time together to venture out. So, Dynamo and I rented a tandem bike on Anna Maria Island.

Christmas 2011_0053

I know what you're, we aren't crazy! Just me! I've been bugging Dynamo to try a tandem for a while now! He did some research before we left and found out that they had some beach cruiser style tandems in Anna Maria. So, I waited all week to get to try it out!

Christmas 2011_0046

When we first got on it was a little tricky. We had decided that I was to be the stoker. That means my job is to sit in the back, be quiet, and pedal. This is hard for me...the being quiet part! The guy up front is called the captain or pilot. The stoker must have complete trust in the captain, as he or she makes all the decisions as the navigator.

Christmas 2011_0047

There were several moments when I tried to steer the bike from the back. Needlesstosay; it was wasted effort. I think it's just your muscles reacting based on their memory. Once we got the hang of it (very quickly might I add), we rode everywhere on the island. And, we could really get some speed up let me tell you! At times I didn't even need to hold on. After all, my bars are really of no use. I can't steer or break so they were just there to support me.

It was a blast! We rode around stopping here and there to shop in the little shops. We had lunch here...

Christmas 2011_0054

Did I mention how odd it is to see Christmas decorations when the weather is 80?

Christmas 2011_0055

The sandwiches were fantastic! Too much food! After eating Momma and I hit a shop while Daddy and Dynamo waited!

Christmas 2011_0058

Momma and Daddy had rented bikes and rode down from their bike shop to meet us to take our picture on the tandem. We parted ways and continued on our adventure, managing to spend an entire afternoon riding, shopping, and beach combing!

Christmas 2011_0060

Dynamo spent a little time waiting while I went in the shops on the island. The basket on the front was quite handy for holding minor purchases!

Of course I had to go in the Sun and Surf shop to see Bullwinkle!

Christmas 2011_0066

This shop has lots of fancy birds in cages outside. They are all named and have details about their lives on the cages. They are fantastic to look at. Dynamo was trying to get them to talk. A couple said "hello" back to him.

We even ventured to "the point." Now, we had no idea about this beach access on the island until a couple biking told us to check it out.

Christmas 2011_0070

Christmas 2011_0073

Christmas 2011_0076

Sorry the pictures are always really close up! Most of the time we have to take our own pics!

Christmas 2011_0083

Dynamo spotted this beautiful bird...

Christmas 2011_0110

Christmas 2011_0112

And, when we went to the point Dynamo said "look down." It was a live starfish!

Christmas 2011_0085

It's tentacles were moving. Dynamo told me to pick it up, but I was a little tentative. So, he picked it up and threw it back in the water.

Christmas 2011_0088

WOW!!! What a perfect ending to a beach adventure!

Next time we'll be getting to the point earlier in our trip. I think it has lots of shell potential!

Christmas 2011_0090

We hopped on our bikes and rushed back to return them before heading to dinner with the rest of the family. We raced back to meet up with our ride (my parents). As we rounded the corner flying (we really looked like we knew what we were doing), we saw my parents. My mom said we really had gotten the hang of things!

Our last night together we went to dinner as a family at The Beachhouse!

Christmas 2011_0116

Christmas 2011_0117

Amy gave us her sad face as we literally piled into the Chieppa's CRV...

Christmas 2011_0126

Saying goodbye is always so hard. I'm never sure which is worse...being the one left...or being the one doing the leaving? Even the dogs were sad!

It was hard to say goodbye to sunny Florida at 80 degrees!

Christmas 2011_0136

Our trip home was a little longer with a few more stops. We still made it back in one day. It was really late when we pulled into the driveway, but so worth it! We made lots of great memories together. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful family. I couldn't have asked for better in-laws. They love me like their own daughter and welcomed my family in with open arms. I'm an honorary Italian!

More tomorrow on our biking excursions here at home over the last few days of our vacation...

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Charleston Hokie said...

What a great trip you had. I love your pictures-especially the pictur of the bird..The water in the background looks awesome. Merry Christmas and Happy 2012 my friend...glad you are back blogging I missed ya