Friday, January 27, 2012

"new" food

Shortly before the holidays, I decided that I was taking a new approach to food. Even though Dynamo and I exercise a lot and eat right (except for a few sweets here and there), my cholesterol was still high. My doctor simply wants to medicate me, which is an unacceptable solution in my opinion! But, I am confident that changing the foods I eat can and will reduce my cholesterol.

So, with Dynamo's support, we set out on this adventure to eat lots of plants. Lots of plants, fewer animals, and limited-to-no dairy. I do feel better and am very happy with the way things are going.

Cook without a book

Part of a new eating plan is to find and try new recipes. The book, Cook Without a Book by Pam Anderson is fantastic. It is mainly a vegetarian cookbook that gives you a basic recipe with suggestions based on the seasons and tastebuds how to alter the recipe. It is easy to use and so far the recipes have been good!

Dynamo suggested that each week we try one new recipe. He's such a good sport! So, the recipe this week was minestrone soup.

minestrone soup

It was yummy! Lots of veggies and quinoa pasta!

So, in this quest for lower cholesterol I've learned a few things, watched a few movies, and opened my eyes up to new foods. It's been a fun experience so far!

I've learned so much from movies, listening to others, and just reading. I'm not going to give up everything I love, but I can honestly say that I don't crave things like I used to. I feel better overall! I am taking responsibility for my own health and believe that everyone should. Medications aren't the answer. Eating the right foods is. Sometimes it's just little changes that will make a difference.


M Rosen said...

awesome post. I'm with you-- medications aren't the answer. It sounds like you've already noticed great benefits from switching up your diet. I myself am still trying to kick my sweet tooth but do eat a lot less sweets than I used to. Keep up the good work!


Jim Rosen said...

Rock on. I recently read that grapefruit is good for lowering cholesterol. Healthy fats help too like nuts and avocado. I think you are doing it right by introducing new healthy foods. That pasta looks really good. You will see big benefits I am sure. I bet that your cholesterol comes down and you feel better during your workouts.