Wednesday, October 5, 2011

52 weeks of mail

It is really sad to hear that according to a new report the average American receives a handwritten letter only once every 7 weeks! Well, there's something that every one of us can help with! Who doesn't like to get a handwritten note? I love to get snail mail! I'm still like a kid when I get home! I love to check the mailbox hoping for a note or card! My Nannie (grandma) has always written notes to me. They are the notes that you used to get as a kid. She writes about what she's been up to. It's really a letter. Sometimes there are multiple pages. Who writes like that anymore? Certainly not me! Dynamo's mom always writes in the cards she sends too. She always talks about the weather and what they've been up to. Mom is the ultimate card sender. She is so dedicated to sending notes and cards to family and friends. She always taught me to send thank you notes and cards just to let someone know they were thought of. The rule in our house growing up was that any gift you receive you couldn't use until you had written a thank you note to the person that gave it to you. I try to hold true to that today.

I know that cards are expensive, but they do have a 99 cent section. Or...make your own! When I saw this post over at Paper Crave, I decided that I would share this project with you! I am going to make an effort to send a card, note, or something every week. The project begins this Sunday, October 9, and runs for 52 weeks! Won't you join in with me?

Don't know who to send a card to? Well, here's an idea. Someone once told me that they take their Christmas cards every year and throw them into a basket. Once a week they randomly pull a card out of the basket and send a little thinking of you card to that person. It keeps you in touch with people that you really only normally send cards to once a year. Plus, it will brighten someone's day to get a card when it's unexpected.

Here's the excerpt from Paper Crave:

The new 52 Weeks of Mail project from Kimberly Costa of Honizukle Press, the graphic designer for this awesome new project and a member of the Etsy Greetings Team, who created said awesome project.

52 Weeks of Mail is “all about getting back to sending cards and letters to loved ones and fostering relationships that way”, and participants are encouraged to be more intentional about keeping in touch with friends and family by sending out a card or letter each week for the next year. I know that this is something that I’ve personally been trying to do recently, and though I love my computer and the interwebs, it’s so nice to unplug sometimes and to actually sit down and write a note or letter by hand.

52 Weeks of Mail begins on October 9, 2011 (appropriately, World Post Day) and continues through October 7, 2012. A free printable enclosure notecard with an explanation of the project will be available when the project launches, so you can help spread the word via the cards and letters that you send and encourage others to take part.

Get more details and stay up to date on what’s happening on the 52 Weeks of Mail Facebook page.
image by Kimberly Costa

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Jamie Oliver (@va_grown) said...

I think that's a beautiful idea! I also think if people find they can do it, that it's a similar commitment to "adopt" a solider. They ask that you send a letter/note once a week and sometimes a package once a month. I make sure to pre-address and stamp my envelopes at least a couple months out so even if I forget, at the last minute I can write a quick note and send it off without getting tied up over finding stamps, etc.