Thursday, October 27, 2011

rug crazy?

Burgundy Rag Rug 1

Do you think I'm a little obsessed?

Burgundy Rag Rug 2

Well, Dynamo just finished another beautiful rug loom for me and I just had to try it! He's so awesome!!! My friend was over on Monday so I got her started learning how to make rugs and let her get this one going. And, last night I finished it.

Burgundy Rag Rug 3

This rug is a little smaller than the others. It measures approximately 19 inches by 30 inches. It's a really good size to fit in a bathroom or in front of your kitchen sink.

Burgundy Rag Rug 4

The colors are pretty in this one too! I can't decide which rug is my favorite! Now, that I have my new smaller loom I'll be making more small rugs to have 2 size options for people!

Hope you like it! Are you tired of rugs yet?

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