Monday, October 31, 2011

mountain bike monday - some fall riding

biking oct 30 005

Yesterday was a little chilly when we hopped out of the car to head out onto the trails. When we started I wasn't too excited. Sometimes you have those days where you just aren't all there! But...after we got started and I made it up the first couple of big hills I decided that it could be a good day if I wanted it to be. Plus, it made it better when Dynamo told me we could just take our time and enjoy the ride.

biking oct 30 008

Riding is like anything else. It's 80% mental and 20% physical. For me at least it is. Some days I feel as if it's 100% mental. My mind has always been my worst enemy. If you've ever read Joel Osteen's book, Your Best Life Now, you know he talks all about the power of positive thinking. There is a real power to thinking positively.

biking oct 30 002

All through school I was a softball pitcher. I'm used to having to talk to myself and pep myself up. So, on the trail there are many times when I'm talking to myself, my bike, or both. It's something about outwardly expressing what you're thinking that seems to make it happen. This is why I name my bikes too! Yes, if you talk nicely to them they will respond!

I'm a big quote person too! I love to read quotes and would have my entire bike plastered with quotes if I could. It would look like those cars with thousands of bumper stickers on them. The main quotes that I'm going to put on my handlebars are going to be 1. Just Pedal Damnit! and 2. You can do this!

More choice phrases would be:
If this was easy everyone would do it.
Life is what you make it!
We are what our thoughts make us!
I'm gonna live longer because of this!
Be grateful you CAN do this!
Enjoy this day!

It was a beautiful day and I had to shed a layer of clothes a couple of miles in. Dynamo volunteered to hold my shirt for me. He is a minimalist, so he has very few things in his Camelbak! Unlike me who has, Ibproufen, trail maps, tissues, camera, knife, phone, chapstick, and girl items. If you need something, it's likely that I have it!.! Camera....yes! I carry the essentials!

biking oct 30 009

Some of the re-routes on the trails posed new challenges for me. I think after I see them a few times, I'll feel comfortable enough with the lines. Dynamo was showing me a line over some roots in the above pic.

biking oct 30 010

He can go over any obstacle so smoothly and without much effort. Me...I'm like a bull in a china shop! I keep telling myself to "be light on the bike." "Be one with the bike!" One day it might sink in!

Until then, that's what practice is for right? We finished up the Lakeview Trails logging around 13 miles.

Hope your weekend was enjoyable! Mine was!

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