Tuesday, October 25, 2011

pastels are pretty

Pastel Rug 1

Well, I finished another rug. This one is very pastel and spring-like!

Pastel Rug 2

The colors are so happy!

Pastel Rug 3

I enjoyed making this one because there wasn't much restriction on the colors. I could use all my colorful sheets and fabrics and they all went perfectly together!

Pastel Rug 4

This rug would be a great bathroom rug or in a little girls' room!

Pastel Rug 5


Pastel Rug 6

So, right now I'm up to 4 completed rugs!

Rug Collection 2

Whew! And...guess what? Dynamo made me another loom!!! :) This one is a little smaller, so now I can have two sizes to offer! He's so talented. It's amazing how he can just look at something and make it! I'm so blessed to have a bike mechanic, carpenter, and just all-around can build anything/fix anything hubby! And...when Dynamo makes something it's done with 110% heart. It will be perfect!

He still says I'm running a sweatshop in our house! It's so crazy I know! I'm trying to make sure I have enough inventory! I always want people to be overwhelmed and have plenty of choices! I can't wait to show you more broaches/pins I've been working on. And...I've got to get busy making more wreaths!

So..the craft show is called Apples and Arts and is on November 12, at Woolridge Elementary (Richmond/Chesterfield)! We'll be there from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Please stop by if you're in the area...even if it's just to say hi!!

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