Monday, October 3, 2011

mountain bike kid monday - TAKMBD 2011

TAKMBD 2011 (27)

On Saturday, Dynamo and I volunteered to help with the annual event, Take a Kid Mountain Biking, which held at Pocohontas State Park! They were looking for someone to come and take pictures of the event. So, Dynamo volunteered me to take photos. I made no promises as to the quantity, quality, etc.

TAKMBD 2011 (237)

I think they turned out good!

TAKMBD 2011 (232)

There were probably 50 kids, lots of parents, and many volunteers. REI came out and adjusted bikes and gave out goodies. Mrs. Marshalls gave out free lunches. They were super delicious!

TAKMBD 2011 (255)

They created a little obstacle course for the kids to practice techniques.

TAKMBD 2011 (201)

Dynamo even got to help our adopted niece, Madison, over the log!

TAKMBD 2011 (153)

There were kids everywhere! All ages enjoyed the time outside on a beautiful Saturday!

TAKMBD 2011 (53)

Local team riders took the kids out in groups on the trails to give them a taste of what trail riding is about.

TAKMBD 2011 (77)

And, this one little kid was adorable! He wasn't quite old enough to participate, but he and his parents rode around the parking lot. He sure could fly on his Strider, which is the best invention ever!

TAKMBD 2011 (131)

If you want to take a look at all the pics from the event, click here.

TAKMBD 2011 (85)

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