Wednesday, October 12, 2011

another rug finished

Burgundy Rag Rug2

Well, after finishing the first rag rug I immediately started on this one! These are definitely my colors! I absolutely love how this rug turned out!

Burgundy Rag Rug5

I think this one is everyone's favorite now!

Burgundy Rag Rug3

It's amazing how much fun it is to create patterns with the colored fabric you have on hand.

Dynamo even told me that I was getting faster now!

Burgundy Rag Rug4

They are really fun once you get the hang of it!

Burgundy Rag Rug

I've already started on my next one. It's got lots of pretty greens in it! I've been getting ready for my craft show in November, so I'll be showing you some wreaths and other pretties soon!

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Rachel L. said...

When / where is your craft show? I WANT TO COME!!