Thursday, October 6, 2011

rag rug: mission accomplished

Rag Rug 2

The first rag rug and the beautiful loom Dynamo built are a success!

Rug 003

Well, it's finally done! Yippee!!!

Rug 001

I really am pleased with the outcome! The pictures just don't do it justice! The colors are so pretty and the pattern turned out to be so lovely!

Rug 006

The rug measures 24" x 36" (2 ft x 3 ft). Dynamo constructed a perfect tool for me to make these rugs! I told him no more projects from me...I promise. (At least for now :))

Even though it took me a while, working slowly since it was my first one, I am still inclined to make more. I think they are going to be a nice addition to my craft line (hehe). The beauty of these rugs is that they are not only handmade (which makes them extra special), but also made from vintage fabric, recycled sheets, and can be great gifts.

Rug 012

The first question my dad asked was "Is that rug for Lexi?" We know where his priorities are. He sure does love his Granddog!

For the first rug I worked with what fabric I already had so it ended up mostly blue-toned. It really doesn't match a thing I have, but it's still absolutley beautiful in my opinion. I sure do wish you could see it up close! It really feels good under your feet too!

So, I'll string up the next one and get started. It's a great thing for me to do while I watch the X-Factor (my new favorite show)!

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