Monday, October 17, 2011

mountain bike monday - the poco chicks

Biking Oct 16 009 Rachel! Yes, another Rachel! I know I've mentioned her and her husband Clay on here before, but I wanted to re-introduce you to her! She and I have decided to start a girls riding group. Even if it's only just her and I, we have decided to ride when we can...just us girls. So, yesterday afternoon we met at the park and hit the Lakeview Trails. It was her first time venturing to that side of the park. She did fantastic! We had so much fun just chatting and laughing the whole time. I don't think there was silence for 2 hours! We stopped at times and talked about the obstacles and how to tackle them. We were in no hurry...just enjoyed being together as the Poco Chicks!

It truly was a beautiful day! This time of year at the park is glorious!The leaves have already started changing color and falling. In places you couldn't even find the path.

Rachel's husband, Clay, came and so did MBM! The guys ventured off to Lakeview as well, but were quite a ways ahead of us! After the start we didn't see them until back at the car hours later. They said they thought they heard chatter at one point, but weren't sure what. Of course it was probably us!

It was Dynamo's first ride on his new bike! Yes, I know what you're thinking...another bike? Well, he did his research and decided that the Salsa El Mariachi would be a better fit for him. It's titanium too! So, he ordered the frame and our dining room was the "bike shop" for a couple of weeks while he put it together. So, Kermit was stripped of all of his parts and he is now naked and will likely be ready for sale soon!

Meet El Mariachi...

Biking Oct 16 001

He/she (undecided) is quite sharp. Don't you love the orange grips and cable guides?

Biking Oct 16 002

I am trying to come up with a name for this bike. I really like Sylvia, but it would be cool to come up with a Spanish name since the brand is Salsa!

Biking Oct 16 006

Dynamo said that the Salsa rode well. He said it was a great fit for him. So, I think it will stay! I'm just glad that Dynamo knows how to work on his own bike and mine too! It certainly makes life easier!

Biking Oct 16 007

So, I guess we're back to our riding. And, I'm super excited to have a girlfriend to ride with from time-to-time! If anyone out there wants to ride with us just let me know!

Hope your Monday is fantastic!

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